Marco van Duyvendijk, Zweefmolen, 2002 | collection Rabobank

Daan van Golden, Wales Picture, 1967 (1975) | collection Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

Gilbert & George, Yell, 1992

Project staff
This group carries out the project (alphabetical order):
Ariënne Boelens, Ariënne Boelens office, realisation tool
Kayleigh van der Gulik, specialist
Paulien ’t Hoen, SBMK, project manager
Suk Fung Chun, specialist in training (oct 2022 - oct 2023)
Magdalena Pilko, specialist in training (oct 2020 - oct 2022)
Esther Scholtes, specialist in training (oct 2022 - today)
Sanneke Stigter, UvA Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, restorer Modern Art
Clara von Waldthausen, UvA Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, restorer photography

Project Photography (Collection Knowledge 2.0)

october 2020 - october 2023

We will follow the blueprint of Project Plastics as far as possible. This project was officially called: Project Collection Knowledge 2.0 - pilot plastics. When we inventorised the different wishes as a follow-up to this pilot, photography was chosen.

Broadly speaking
– Two young persons are trained to become specialists, they will be able to conduct photography collection surveys in the future;
– Museum employees learn to identify and register photos themselves (printing process, carrier, finishing, correct terminology);
– A digital tool and sample book / sample set will be developed that provide step-by-step support in identification, registration and appropriate conservation measures;
– Project participants receive an in-house collection survey for the identification and registration of the photo works;
– In principle ten collections can participate in the project; ten partners of SBMK; we choose collections that are representative of the field / problem
– Other interested parties can also participate in the workshops and collection surveys, for a fee. SBMK partners receive a reduced rate.

Phase 1
– Participating collections provide information about a so-called iconic work; an important photo work from their collection that can serve as an example for other works from other collections.
– Representatives of the participating collections are present at the workshops / expert meetings on process recognition and terminology. They help determine what the Identification method and tool will look like, so that they fit in well with practice.

Phase 2
– The team of specialists visits the participating collections for an in-house photo collection survey.

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