Decision-making model Contemporary Art

During the Modern Art Preservation project, from which the book and the symposium Modern Art Who Cares? emerged, it soon became apparent that it was necessary to use a structure during the discussions about the desired treatment of the pilot objects. Especially in contemporary art, conservation issues lead to lengthy discussions. The discussions do not only lead into profound reflections and thoughts, but also to less fruitful repetitions of similar arguments.
That is why a model has been developed to structure the decision-making process.
Its development ran parallel to the discussions of the Theoretical Working Group within the project. The model was also tested in this group.
The Dutch version of the model was published in 1999 and is still being used.
In 2018, the CICS - Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences - took the initiative to revise the model to connect it with current insights into contemporary art conservation. An international working group was set up for this, in which SBMK was also represented.
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